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Tube Fitting Installation Essentials

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This seminar has been developed specifically for anyone involved in the installation, design, fabrication and maintenance of fluid systems. Engineers will benefit from the in-depth review of fundamental installation procedures. Quality control and safety engineers will gain insight into component limitations and maintenance requirements.



  • Ensuring correct tube selection taking into account pressure and temperature variables
  • Proper tube preparation eliminating system contamination
  • Understand best practice tube preparation, care and handling
  • Ability to install tube fittings correctly providing safe, leak free installation
  • Knowledge of different types of threads and various thread sealing methods



Participants are given a comprehensive theoretical examination at the completion of the training. All graduates will receive a certificate of completion along with a complimentary wallet sized training card. The card may be used as an identifier to ensure safe on site practices and procedures are followed by those who have gained competency in the area. Both documents certify the completion of training in tube fitting installation.



All participants will be required to fill out an attendance and assessment form. This provides valuable feedback to our trainers who can then further tailor the course to meet the changing needs of your staff when re-training in the future. 


Our training programs have been developed in conjunction with many industry types over many years and are recognised globally as the industry standard for training in small bore fluid system installlations. 


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