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Online training for remote customers.

Swagelok Eastern Australia is committed to continuing the support of Essential customers, during the COVID-19 pandemic. As customers transition to working from home, we are providing FREE 45 minute training courses to help meet your needs.

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REGISTER NOW for 13th - 14th May 2020

regulators full

REGISTER - Pressure Regulators - May 13th 2020 - AEST 9.00am, NZST 11.00am

The Swagelok® Regulator training has been designed to give attendees an overview of the dynamics associated with pressure regulators.
Having completed this session attendees will be equipped with a better understanding of regulators, making design and selection choices easier.
Topics covered include: How regulators work; Characteristics of different regulators; Pressure reducing versus back pressure ; Loading and sensing element types

thread spotlight full

REGISTER - Pipe Thread Specification & Identification - May 13th 2020 - AEST 11.00am, NZST 1.00pm

Identifying the correct thread is essential when designing and installing threaded connections.
In an effort to reduce emissions and associated costs, industry demands leak free connections. Crucial to these demands are correctly identified and installed pipe thread connections.

Topics included: Thread terminology - Identification of threads; Installation of the various types of threads; Problems associated with threaded connections

analyser full

REGISTER - Analytical Instrumentation - May 14th 2020 - AEST 9.00am, NZST 11.00am

Our Analytical Instrumentation lunch and learn has been developed to discuss the critical factors associated with good sample system design. Upon completion attendees should have a better understanding of sample system design basics and the main reasons for unreliable analyser readings.

Topics covered: • What is analytical instrumentation ? • The most common causes of unreliable analyser data • Three key factors for good sample system design • Typical sample system components

valves full

REGISTER - Valve Selection - May 14th 2020 - AEST 11.00am, NZST 1.00pm

The most common cause of valve failure is incorrect selection. The valve selection lunch and learn has been designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to select the appropriate valve for a specific application. Topics covered include: • Valve function System parameters • Valve construction, valve actuation


REGISTER - Corrosion Training - May 14th 2020 - AEST 1.00pm, NZST 3.00pm

Your corrosion training introduces the various categories of corrosion most commonly seen in fluid systems explaining their mechanisms and prevention methods. We will discuss NACE or National Association of Corrosion Engineers, developed standard MR0175 for sour gas environments.

Future courses

More topics will become available in the future, please bookmark this page or follow us on Linkedin to stay up to date linkedin round

Future Courses may include: Process Interface Valves - Flexible Hose and Tubing - Thread Identification - view other courses available from Swagelok.